A Date

Though the pictures have been showed before, I add the explanation today:P They are all about a date with Him on 12th, Nov. I have been in Beijing for more than three years but it's the first time I came to the Forbidden City. The order of pictures is just opposite to the order of time, which means the last one is the earliest photo. If you want to come with me, please start from the bottom. May you find His close presence as well!

Write down the words He told me^-^ I love writing!
The bread of life.

Can you feel Him?
In the afternoon, I came to a cafe to enjoy a quite time with Him. My first visit is during a retreat this summer. Its owner is also a Christian.
In fact, this is a joint photo~
inside( amazing light brightening the room of your heart)

outside(cannot show the true inside situation)

tree and summerhouse
I'm always moved when I met father and his child.

I would feel lonely when I saw the square of sky if He were not with me.
signs everywhere
Big bowl used to put off fire

Tai He Gate
Wu Gate(Er...don't know how to say in English...)

The first sight when I came out from the subway station. A day badly polluted and crowded.

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Anonymous said...

honey,what are you going to say? I am so confused~~
Anyway, I can see your pure heart to Father.let's be in Him together!